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What if he doesn’t find me pretty? Lol so I’ve been talking to this guy I met online through texts and we’ve decided to meet up, we haven’t video chatted.

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Husband doesn’t find me attractive anymore. by Julie Consider getting some good couple counselling (make sure you find a well-trained expert couple counsellor).

Wait, what?! Margot Robbie claimed in the August issue of Vanity Fair that she doesn’t think she’s “particularly attractive.” “In my big group of teenfriends at home

If you’re thinking, “my husband doesn’t find me attractive anymore” because he wants you to be skinnier, here’s how to approach him so he understands.

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What If My Spouse Doesn’t Find Me Attractive? Share this Physical attractiveness is too surface based and I’ve known way too many pretty people who were

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Apr 14, 2008 · Lesley Garner helps a man who no longer finds his beautiful, loving wife attractive Dear Lesley, I write in desperation. My question is: “Why don’t I find

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Mar 23, 2011 · My manfriend doesn’t think I’m pretty, let alone beautiful. I don’t think he is very attracted to me in general, but he claims that he is.

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I Think I’m Hot But My manfriend Doesn’t Seem to because while her manfriend of one year finds her pretty, he doesn’t think she’s the prettiest

My husband doesn’t find me attractive He won’t flat out admit but I’m pretty sure the belly freaks him out even if he doesn’t feel the need to have it

Can I make myself attractive to someone who doesn’t find me attractive? Can a really pretty teen ever be attracted to someone who doesn’t look that good?

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